J.W. Cole has one purpose:

To help you build a great business so that you can change lives for the better.

It is our belief that time is the most-valuable resource in the world, and we help people make better use of it so that they can live their best lives. We work exclusively with Relationship-Driven, Client-Centric, Fiercely-Independent Financial Professionals!

"J.W. Cole" comprises J.W. Cole Financial, Inc., J.W. Cole Advisors, Inc., & J.W. Cole Insurance Services, Inc.

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Our Success Speaks For Itself

While the Financial Industry frowns on Guarantees, we can promise you this: At J.W. Cole our Financial Professionals have names, not numbers, and when they call they’re talking to another person, not navigating a maze of automated phone messages. Here’s what some of our Financial Professionals have said about working with J.W. Cole:

J.S., Wisconsin

J.W. Cole is a proactive broker dealer who understands the industry, cares about the advisors, and allows the advisor to provide freedom-based investing to help their clients instead of forcing advisors to operate under certain company driven platforms. All this, while growing a first class culture.

R.S., Florida

J.W. Cole has given me the greatest flexibility to use the tools needed, be compliance correct, and get it done in the right way.

M.B., Florida

Over the years, I have seen J.W. Cole evolve into a true partner but remain focused on its core values of honesty, integrity, and personalized services. They are truly the essence of the word “independence”.

N.B., Indiana

J.W. Cole has been an extraordinary business partner, always putting the needs of my client and business first. I want to call out a thank you to all who have inspired me as a business owner with your conscientious and ethical culture of putting us first. This company knows its “Why” and does, in fact, help us build better businesses.

K.O., Colorado

Being a part of J.W. Cole has been a fantastic addition to my life, and I’m so happy for them and all of the friends that I’ve met through this experience.

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